A little about us

Associated National Tile Setters

or as you know it - ANTS, 

is a non-profit organization that was established for Setters to help Setters. In our industry, there is little support or guidance for quality, knowledge, and pricing and while there are other organizations and associations, ANTS strives to be different. We still offer everything the others offer but ANTS is run by Setters, for Setters, and

through Setters.


​- ANTS Certification Program - Coming Soon

      --Certification Training

- Financial Help

- Easy Pricing Guide by State

- Advertising and Marketing for Ants Members

- Better Credit Card Processing Rates 

- Discounted Printing and Embroidery

- Group Health Insurance

- Bulk Material Buying Power


Be proud to represent!

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714 IC King Rd., Seymour, TN 37865


Floor Adhesive for Tiling