- ANTS Certified * coming soon.

Become accountable to other installers. Get support from other ANTS to help you grow and adapt to new challenges. Learn from others about tips and tricks to make the most profit and save time. Certification is accomplished when other installers in your area agree you qualify. Qualifying is simple, just have another qualified ANTS installer stop into a few jobs and verify your methods and quality. Again, we are Setters helping Setters and not judging setters. We are here to help one another.


Training as a member, you will get access to training that will improve your company, your profit, and your ability. You will grow as a member in ways you will never understand. Though there may be a few additional fees to do so, we will cover the cost in ways you won't have on your own. 

- Financial Help

As a colony member, any membership dues and merchandise profit will go towards helping other installers in time of need. As simple as buying a new wet saw, a death in the family, sickness, needing help growing your company, or whatever is deemed necessary for your success. There is plenty of work for us all but too many Setters don't know how to price jobs for their skills and we are here to make that easier and uniform.

- Easy Pricing Guide

As we grow and expand, we will create an easy click-through estimator. Granted, it will have many options but once learned any ANTS member can be able to look at a job, choose the options for that job depending on their region and project and any ANTS member will be able to come up with the same price for that job. No longer will it be a matter of who is cheaper. It will be a matter of your skill. No more taking less for your skills just to make a living. We will make it a matter of your ability and speed. Homeowners and Contractors will be able to access the same system and know what to expect to pay for the quality work you will perform. This system will make everyone live up to the same level, quality and profit for the work we do. You will no longer have to be told you are too expensive or they can find someone cheaper. If they are not an ANTS member then they aren't our standard.

- Advertising and Marketing

As an ANTS member, you will have access to marketing and advertising that is free! We will promote and push our quality, our mission, our common pricing, and our support. Each colony will be supported in your area and at your common rate that makes sense for your customers. You will be provided advertising flyers, social media advertising, and help with website design for your company. We will help you be succesful for the common mission! SETTERS helping SETTERS!

- Credit Card Processing

As a Member, you will have access to the ability to offer credit card processing at a hugely discounted rate than at your current level. We are currently negotiating terms with companies that can offer an unbelievable rate for members. You will have an option you could never get alone.

- Marketing

As a member, you will have access to discounted printing and embroidering to help your company image. You will have two options through our printers. Either include our ANTS logo in your printing for a bigger discount or print through us without our logo and get a better rate than on your own. Either way, we will help your company image and save you money on t-shirts, hats, stickers, signs, etc.