Associated National Tile Setters is a non-profit organization that was established for Setters by Setters. As we grow, our goal is to further educate and expand knowledge in order to recycle it back into our organization of members so that ‘Success’ is an attainable goal reached by all Setters. The network or ‘Colonies’ as we like to call them, that we establish in each town will allow you the ability to call others ANTS within your area to assist with a problem, to help with projects, or to stop by a job site to give pointers and advice, etc. So you are never alone on a project, big or small.

​For ANTS, it’s more than just teaching what is required by a ‘brand’ in order for warranties to be respected, we want to inspire other Setters to determine what actually works on the job-site. As a Setter, you know what really works and what doesn’t. Our industry doesn’t support our on-site knowledge because they are not in our shoes every day, doing the work. We want to change that. We no longer want to be dictated by corporations who only care about the bottom dollar.


Together we will build a financial support system through our dues and merchandise. The remaining donations will go to supporting other members in need. Like a colony, we will help and build one another.

​Pricing is transferable. All Colony members are welcome to bid on any available job. Through our simple platform consisting of a click-through process, we allow consistent pricing for each job which opens the floor for the home-owner or contractor to choose the best fit for their project.  ​